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1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - twoblackmontes

"SS454 Resto Mod"

1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1
Owner:   twoblackmontes
Year: 1971
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Monte Carlo
Est.Horsepower: 500
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This is my 1971 Monte Carlo. Originally, it was a 350/TH350 A/C Florida car with a bench seat and a mustard yellow factory color called Placer Gold. I got it as a Royal Blue running disaster with two 1980's Camaro bucket seats and a butchered pistol grip shifter sticking out from between the ragged up half loose seats. The dash was typically cracked and the headliner gone (the ribs were still in place). The engine ran rough as I soon discovered low compression in two cylinders. The year was 2007 and I had other priorities so it went to a body shop were nothing was done for over a year and the engine went to a shop that eventually closed due to the economy back in 08. In between, I managed to get some patchwork, cutting out some of the Bondo on the fenders and quarter panels but not much else. The car ended up in primer under a car cover for years in my driveway. Along the way I started and finished a 1986 Monte SS that got a lot of attention in the car shows and ended up selling at a decent price. I then decided to go a head and purchase an ATK remanufactured 454 and took it Bullfrog Performance in Zephyrhills, FL were it got fitted with high flow heads, cam lifters, rockers, a racing Edelbrock intake manifold and a Quick Fuel 750 CFM four barrel carburetor. The engine was fitted with long tube headers. The interior was dismantled, re-finished, covered in sound deadner (GT Matt) and re-carpeted with new padding and a factory correct carpet. I bought a non-shifter steering column from another 71 Monte that came with the correct steering wheel as I had an aftermarket one that had to go. The same guy had a complete center console with the horseshoe shifter which I also purchased. Last year I had the car painted Placer Gold but I could not stand the yellow and soon after, I had it painted black to match the 86. This year I started the assembly of the interior as the engine was being completed. I got a dash pad from junkyard across the bay in St Petersburg as well as some finishing chrome details, door straps, sun visor and a correct mirror. The engine was finished and sent to a friend's shop in South Tampa were the entire front end was first done followed by the engine being dropped. I ended up canning the old tranny for a Monster 700R4 rated for 700HP just to be on the safe side and for highway driving which was never a fun experience with the original set up. Right before it was finished I ordered a set of 20 inch polished Showwheels Streeters. 20X10 in the rear and 20X8 in the front for a staggered classic muscle car  look. The engine is still on break in and is super strong. As in stronger than anything I've ever driven before. The picture was shot in front of my house in beautiful Tampa, FL. Hope you like it.
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