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1955 Willys CJ-3B - duffer

"The Willys"

1955 Willys Cj 3B 1
Owner:   duffer
Year: 1955
Make: Willys
Model: CJ-3B
Est.Horsepower: 450
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I purchased this 3B from a local machine shop in 1972 for $500 and it had 26k on the odometer but was both rusted out and beat up.  The machine shap had a shop built snow plow on it and part of that was some frame reinforcement which I retained.

I drove it as-bought for about a year at which time the F head 134 cid was traded in on a 62 327 I had put together (big heads, solid cam, 11:1, and long tube Hookers).  That mill lasted a couple of years with the rest of the drivetrain being completely stock.

The next phase was a frame off rebuild from which it emerged with glass tub/fenders/hood, a pretty much unadulterated 1970 LT1, Muncie M20, D18 transfer case, and a full float D44 axle with a PowrLoc.  With 5.38 gears, you might say that phase was a rather spirited ride on the pavement.  That said, it sucked off-road.  In modern terminology, it ended up as a restomod but that term was yet a few decades from popular use.

Plans for replacing the LT began from the first off-road experience with it and what emerged was a nominal 383 built with mostly GM parts (this was about 1979-1980 time frame and the aftermarket 383 pieces we have today were few and far between).  That mill has been incredibly effective, both on and off road.  Over the intervening decades, it has seen several sets of heads, cams, and induction, but the short block has soldiered on.

The present set up remains the 383, runing 10.5:1, roller cam/rockers, ProFlo2, and Hooker 9810's.  The Willys has also been on a diet the last decade and every steel piece that could be easily replaced by aluminum is gone.  The transmisson is now the AGE version of the M22W, and the transfer case a much beefier built version of the Dana 18 with a TeraLow 3.15:1 gear set.  The axle gears are now 4.10.
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1955 Willys CJ-3B
1955 Willys CJ-3B
- wsmracing
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