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1973 Chevrolet Nova - cnicholls


1973 Chevrolet Nova 1
Owner:   cnicholls
Year: 1973
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Nova
Est.Horsepower: 350
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Here is my 1973 Nova Hatchback that I have owned  for 11 years.   Last year I had a major medical issues (perforated colon) that put me off of work for 2 months during the summer.  As I was laying in bed adjusting to life with a colostomy bag, I a was feeling sorry for myself.  I though as a 35 year old father of 3 that I had somehow reached my peak and I was never going to be the same.  Sitting outside my window was my neglected Nova that was in some ways the same shape as me…   I stared at the nova for a week and I decided I was done being a victim, I was going to take charge and do something!  On my first post operation visit with the surgeon she suggested  that I move around as much as possible I asked her if I could sand or do light work on my car, she laughed and said she didn’t think I would be able to in my condition, however  as long as I don’t  lift over 8 pounds.  The next day I wobbled  out to the car and just was able to sit in the front seat for 15 minutes before I wobbled back to bed,  the next day I lasted a few minutes more,  eventually  I got her to garage and started sanding on my old nova. I was a able to get a coat of orange over the flat black primer that had been its primary paint color for far too many years.   That’s when I knew I was going to be ok,  a fire had been lit inside me and now I was driven to see how far I could go.  Most people who know me would say that I strive to be unique, not in a bold in your face different but definitely not your run of the mill blend into the room like everyone else kind of guy.  I decided I wanted my nova to be no different than I.   I have to admit, I loved my nova, but the big fat bumpers on the 73 were chrome only Ralf Nader would love...   I always loved the 69 Camaro bumpers … So I went to a local car show and started measuring bumpers . You should have seen the owners face when I said, I’m just seeing if it’s close to the novas front end!   What followed was a chain reaction to merging of various GM vehicles into one unique Nova.  Call it a Novaro, CaNova, or my favorite CarNovore its one of a kind.
Well it’s been a year later and I am happy to report that the Nova and I are back on the road again. The total changes are as follows.
69 Camaro Lower Valence
69 Fender Extensions Front and Rear
69 Rear Valance
70 Nova Grill and Bezels
69 Camaro Mirrors
2012 Camaro Tail Lights (with custom sequential led tail/turn)
68 Camaro Rear Spoiler (mounted upside down)
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